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Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall

Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall
(Gadar Party Martyrs Memorial)
Jalandhar, Punjab, India

(photo by author, 1999)


Committe Members of the Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall 2000-2001:
Sitting: Gurmit Singh, Dr. Harminderjit Kaur, Surinder Kumari, Amolak Singh
On Chairs: Bhagat Singh, Puran Singh, Karnail Singh, Jagjit Singh Lyallpuri, Bhagat Singh Bilga, Gandharav Sen Kochhar, Jogjit Singh Ananad, Jagir Singh Joga, Darbara Singh Dhillon
Standing: Chuhar Singh, Naunihal Singh, Kulwat-Singh, Ajmer Singh, R.S. Sharma, Chain Singh Chain, K.R. Joshi, Rajeshwer Singh, Kulwant Singh Sandhu, Raghbir Singh Chhina, Capt. Ranjit Singh, Gurmit Singh Dhadda

A Group Photo of the Tea-Party given on August 16, 1937
in honor of The Martial Law, Burma Conspiracy & Babar Akali Prisoners
The Desh Bhagat Pariwar Sahaik Committee, AMRITSAR

Sitting: Coms, Mahinder Singh, Bachan Singh, Gurcharn Singh, Kishan Singh, Sant Thakar-Singh "Babar". Babu Amar Singh "Burma Case", Kishan Singh "Babar", Giani Sardara Singh, Kirpal Singh.
Chairs: Coms, Raghbir Kaur M.L.A., Sant Kaur, Teja Singh "Babar", Sadiq Pehlwan Martial Law Prisoner, Sunder Singh M.L.P., Manohar Singh M.L.P., Moammad Shaffi M.L.P., Jairam Singh M.L.P., Baba Wisakha Singh, Dr. Satya Pal, Mahasha Rattan Chand M.L.P., Pt. Jajatram, Pt. Kirparam Burma Case, Ch. Bugga M.L.P., Kartar Singh "Barbar" Harnam Kaur, Kesar Kaur.
Standing: Coms. Mohabbat Singh, Baba Jawala Singh, Baba Hardit Singh, Baba Khushal Singh, Baba Kehar Singh, Baba Madan Singh "Gaga", Baba Isher Singh Marhana, Baba Inder Singh, Baba Sher Singh, Gyjjan Singh, Baba Lal Singh, Baba Harnam Singh, "Tundilat" Bachan Singh.
2nd Standing: Coms. Malkiat Singh, Jalwant Singh, Mangal Singh, Ram Singh, Gurmukh Singh, Mulak Raj, Harbans Singh, Vaid Shiv Dutta, Teja Singh, Dalip Singer, Baba Inder Singh Verka, Karam Singh "Chima", Baba Bhagwan Singh, Master Gajja Singh, Bhag Singh Canadian, Ishar Singh, Ganda Singh.
Last Standing Row: Ratan Singh, Ujjagar Singh, Bhagat Singh, Asa Singh, Nand Singh, Achhar Singh, Darsjam Singh, Makhan Singh, Dasaunda Singh, Amar Singh, Hazara Singh, Chanan Singh, Gurmukh Singh, Bujha Singh, Darshan Singh, Basant Singh.


100th Birthday of Ghadri Baba Karam Singh Cheema, October 1966.
Sitting from right: Baba Kisham Singh Bundala, Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna, Baba Karam Singh Cheema, Baba Bhag Singh Canadian, Com. Har Kisham Singh Surjeet...
Standing behind from right: Pandit Kishori Lal, Gurcharan Singh Randhawa, Basu Pumia...

Group Photo of Ghadrites taken in 1936

Source: "War Against King Emperior Ghadar of 1914-15." Edited by Prof. Malwinder Jit Singh Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Trust. Ludhiana, 2001


Gadar Ashram

left (1951) The Gadar Party was founded in 1913 and started its operation at 436 Hill Street, San Francisco. Its original home was known as "Yugantar Ashram" The photo above (left) was taken in 1951.

right (1975) The present structure at 5 Wood Street, San Francisco, is now called the Gadar Memorial, and was dedicated March 23, 1975, replacing the former structure on Hill Street.  
(Photos courtesy of Gadar Memorial,  San Francisco,California)

Gadar Martyrs I Gadar Martyrs II

Portraits of Gadar martyrs, 1915-1916.
(Photo on left: with the exception of Gurdit Singh, all were executed. By Author)
p. [1] and between p. 50 and 51.India Against Britain by Ram Chandra. San Francisco, n.p., 1916. UCD Call no. Shields Library DS 448C45 Spec Coll



Source: Dhillon, Mahinder Singh. A history book on the Sikhs in Canada and California. Vancouver, B.C., Canada. pp.154

Image Gadar flag

Gadar flag in Jalandhar, Punjab, India

December, 2003

Gadar Party Scholars

Two Gadar heroes

Left: Kesar Singh, right: Bhagat Singh Bilga,
(Photo courtesy of Yadgar Hall.)

Professor Malwinder Jit Singh
(Photo by author, T.S. Sibia, 11/03)

Kesar Singh

Kesar Singh, Gadar Party scholar
(Photo courtesy of Yadgar Hall.)

Bhagat Singh Bilga


Bhagat Singh Bilga, Gadar Party scholar.
(Photo courtesy of Yadgar Hall.)

Gadar Anniversary
April 2, 2000. Annual Gadar Anniversary Celebration at Jalandhar, India.
(Photo by author, T.S. Sibia, 2000)

Katar Singh Sarabha Memorial
at Village Sarabha,
near Ludhiana, India

(Photo by author T.S. Sibia, April 2000
pictured in photo

Sarabha Memorial at Night.
Photo by Author 12/03

Sarabha was born in India in the year 1896. After his graduation from high school in 1911, he arrived at the University of California- Berkeley to continue his studies in engineering. In Berkeley, he joined the Gadar party in 1913. Around this time, he also learned how to fly. He returned to India in 1914 to fight for his country's independence. On November 16th, 1915, Sarabha was hanged at the tender age of 19.
      - Ved Prakash Vatuk










Katar Singh Sarabha Memorial at Village Sarabha, near Ludhiana, India.
Photo by and courtesy of Perupkar, October 2000.

image base of Sarabha memorial

Base of Sarabha Memorial with inscription.
(photo by author T.S. Sibia, April 2000)
Inscription reads from the Punjabi:

"Memorial to the Martyrs--Kartar Singh Sarabha (age 19) in his native village Sarabha with names of his companions: Vaishno Ganesh Pingley (Poona), Harnam Singh Bhatti, Jagat Singh Surusang. They laid down their lives for the freedom of India"

Kartar Singh Sarabha Memorial in Chaura Bazar (downtown).
Ludhiana - Next to clock tower.

image Sarabha Arch

Katar Singh Sarabha Memorial Arch at Village Sarabha, near Ludhiana, India.
(photo by author T.S. Sibia, April 2000)

Photo by T.S. Sibia Aug. 2001

Ancestral House of Kartar Singh Sarabha This ancestral house of Kartar Singh Sarabha was declared a "Heritage Memorial" by the Panjab Government in 1998. Its preservation work is on progress. This monument will be restored to its orginal shape.

Photo by T.S. Sibia Aug. 2001

Pictures fron Annual (November) Shaheed Kartar Singh Sports Club

Sarabha      Ludhiana - Punjab, India



Kanshi Ram

Photo by Author 12/03

Photo by Author 12/03

Photo by Author 12/03

Kanshi Ram Memorial
Marauli Kalan Near Morina (Ropar)
Punjab, INDIA


This statue of Shaheed Kanshi Ram was established by Shaheed Kanshi Ram Educational Trust (SKRET) on January 14, 1984. Governor of Punjab performed the unveiling ceremony.

Vaishno Ganesh Pingley
Family and Monument

Family Members


His Birth Place

Source: Prof. Malwinder Jit Singh

*under construction*

Gravesite in Sacramento, CA
Maulavi Muhammad Barakatullah
Gravesite of M Barakatullah


(From left to right: Pritpal Singh, Samittar Singh Uppal, Jarnail Singh, Makhan Singh Bassi, Charan Singh, Kashmir Singh. All were instrumental in the research required to locate this burial site. Sacramento City Cemetery Archives,10th and Broadway, Sacramento CA 95818. (916) 448-5665.)

Great Revolutionary Patriot Ghadri Baba Gurmukh Singh Jee Village Lalton

Jagat Singh Binjal, martyr memorial
(Photo by author, T.S. Sibia, 2001)

Lala Har Dayal
Lala Har Dayal
(1884 - 1939)



Dr. Bhagwan Singh Gyanee Pritam
(1882 - 1962)

Bhagwan Singh
Dr. Bhagwan Singh Gyanee "Pritam"
Dr. Bhagwan Singh Gyanee Pritam in Japan (1914)
correction: Dr. Bhagwan Singh Pritam with Rashbehari Bose in Japan (1915)



Makhan Singh Sandhu

GADARI BABA - Makhan Singh Sandhu
Holding a plaque presented to him by the Koh-I-Nor Club
in Sacramento in appreciation for his work in the Gadar Party,
presented on September 25, 1999.

Photo by Suraj Ahuja 1/2000.


GADARI BABA - Makhan Singh Sandhu and several members of the Koh-I-Nor Club in Sacramento. Private home in Sacramento, California. Photo by Suraj Ahuja 1/2000.

Front row: left to right - Dalip S. Phalla, Gurmukh S. Lalto
Front row: right to left - Bhag Singh Canadian
Back row: right to left - 2nd person, Amar Singh Mann; 3rd person, Baba Dulla Singh



Ms. Kartar Dhillon Collection

The Gadarite
-- Jan. 1999


Editor: Ved Prakash Vatuk
Managing Editor: Harsharan Gill (Dhidho)

Front Cover: Bud Dillon and Daswanda Singh at the Gadar Ashram before leaving for India as part of the Jarha.



P.6 Bakhshish Singh and Rattan Kaur with family -- Kartar Dhillon archives.
Also See Source: CUMTUX Vol. 15, No.2 - Spring 1995



P 5. Bud Dillon being introduced by author on March 22, 1998 at Gadar Memorial Hall in San Francisco -- Verna Miller photograh


P.10 Left to Right: Genda Singh Sooral, Daswanda Singh Mann, Inder Singh Tootomajaria, Rajah Mahendra Pratap, Bud (son of Bakhshish Singh and Rattan Kaur), Bishan Singh Boorj, Charan Singh Dhulita, Dula Sing Khera -- Kartar Dhillon archives

The Gadarite No.2

Guest Edior: Gurbachan
Editor: Ved Prakash Vatuk
Managing Editor: Harsharan Gill(Dhido)

Front Cover: Kartar Dhillon


P. 17. Another family photograph with Kartar Dhillon standing on the right.


P.24. Surat Singh Gill


Back Cover.



The Dhillon family in Astoria 1916. Seated 2nd and 3rd from left in middle row are: Rattan Kaur (mother) and Bakhshish Singh Dhillon (father). Children from left to right: Kapur, Karm, Katar, Budh. The three unidentified men are sikh friends.



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Photographs to use for Mela or Festivals:

              Katar Singh Sarabha         Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna                 Lala Hardyal                   Shahid Udham Singh          Mohammed Barakatullah






Gopal Singh Sohi, Jagat Singh Kandola (Secretary), Eamon De Valera (President)

Musha Singh Nagar of Davis, Secretary of the Gadar Party for many years, now vice-President and life-member of the Hindustan Gadar Party Memorial Commnittee, Inc.


Mss Meeting: India's Fight for a Republic. Handbill, 22.4 X 14.7 cm.
P. 38. Figure 6. Echoes of Freedom South Asian Pioneers in California, 1899-1965



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