Gadar Party
Pioneer Asian Indian
Immigration to the Pacific Coast


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Gadar Party, 1913-1915, Introduction

The Gadar Syndrome,text by Professor Mark Juergensmeyer
(Social Science, University of California, Santa Barbara)

Forward by Dr. Ved Prakash Vatuk to An Account of the Ghadr Conspiracy (1913-1915),
by F.C. Isemonger and J. Slattery, reprinted by the Folklore Institute Berkeley, 1998. ...

The Ghadr Rebellion, by Khushwant Singh. Printed in Illustrated Weekly of India, 1961.

Gadar Party Archives

Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall (photo)
(Gadar Party Martyrs Memorial)
Jalandhar, Punjab, India 144001

Gadar Memorial
5 Wood Street
San Francisco, CA, USA

Gadar Heritage Foundation
P.O. Box 1142
Berkeley, CA 94701
Coordinator: Dr. Ved Prakash Vatuk

Thoughts and Questions about the Future of Gadar

   Gadar Photographs (image intensive!)

Famous Ghadarites

   Hindu Conspiracy

   Gadar di Gunj

Gadar Directories
Contains the names of persons who have taken part in the
Ghadr Movement.

The Gadar Directory

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